Beats audio for xperia download

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Beats audio for xperia

xda-developers Sony Xperia SP Xperia SP Themes and Apps [APP] Beats Audio (Real LOUD) by spurgeonjudah. I came across this app, and i've tried and tested! After trying v4a and other mods i was still not pleased but this app serves it all!. The Android OS is known for several of its features, however, the Audio Quality is not its strongest point. Apple's iPod and iPhone have an incredible sound. What's Is Audio mod? Audio Mod will help your device optimise the device audio to give you maximum sound experience; there are many Audio Mod available.

Some manufacturers add in enhancements such as beats audio and the Sony Bravia engine while the hardware may be of higher quality in those devices most . In the smartphone ranking, Sony Xperia XA Ultra performs better than HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio. Find out why!. INSTRUCTIONS download the zip flash it with any recovery enjoy and before going into the music world rate the thread because after this mod.

This post was edited by aki_ryan at , May For my latest sound mod visit. Compare the Desire C vs Xperia X10 mini, read our comparison based on navigational capabilities, wifi speed, bluetooth, how thin the phones are and cell . I was looking through the Google Play Store after I rooted my Sony Xperia S The other day, and came upon the app "Beats Audio Installation".