What makes it naked ?

Naked mean natural. Our pizza is simply an honest diversity of all natural, whole food ingredients that taste better and are better for you. Enjoy it, share it, and for the love of mozzarella, tell us what you think by emailing info@nakedpizza.biz or posting for all to see on Twitter, facebook, Foursquare or Yelp.

Ten grains in the crust ? really

Our crust is made from an Ancestral blend of 10 grains plus prebiotic agave fiber and probiotics (healthful bacteria like the ones found in yogurt for balance and digestive healthy bound by water and made by hand. The grains we use include oats, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, spelt, tapioca, and two kinds of wheat. This diversity of grains, fiber and probiotics are the main reason for that satisfying feeling after eating Naked Pizza contributing to a slow, sustained release of energy without the crash from eating other single grain, highly processed pizzas.

What's a probiotic?

Probiotics are live microorganisms-or-good bacteria that when consumed in adequate amounts optimize nutrition and improve balance. You may have heard about probiotics in yogurt. Ours are the same except able to naturally survive the baking process. That’s an added benefit because unlike most of the probiotics in yogurt, ours survive stomach acid to reach the lower digestive system, which is precisely where they need to be.

what's prebiotic agave fiber?

A prebiotic is essentially fiber, food for the health-giving bacteria (probiotics) in your gut. Ours is one of highest quality fibers available, extracted from the ancient blue agave plant, adding a slight touch of sweet without any sugar crash.

What's the story on the natural, whole food ingredients?

Better taste, better for you. Our tomato sauce is all natural nicely spiced and herbed, with no added sugar or citric acid. Our cheese is 100% natural, real Wisconsin mozzarella. Our vegetables are all natural no additives. Our meats pork chicken and beef are free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Full of love.

So is naked diet pizza?

No, While we have fewer calories by comparison. Our pizza are made to be part of your active lifestyle. Real delicious food, that’s also good for you. We don’t add sugar, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil because it tastes better without that junk masking the whole food ingredients.

So you're on mission?

Don’t laugh we intend to launch the world’s largest grassroots health movement. We’ll of that by making a delicious, affordable,a ll natural oven-fired pizza, every time. Still round, still fits in a square box, But also, Naked Pizza is an honest place on the landscape in a 40 billion dollar pizza industry, We’ re simply pointing out that all that money spend on pizza and invested in building stores, hiring people sourcing ingredients etc, along with the millions of farmers and suppliers and regulators involved along the way can be mobilized in a better way, To help instead of harm, Really, why not ? It’s a social mission.

417 Ramsay way kent ,wa open daily at 11am (253)277-1553