Ar max evo with the max media player download

2012 Oct 02 By Nasho 0 comment

Ar max evo with the max media player

Hi, yesterday I bought me a Action Replay Max Evo (with USB stick). So I started the CD, but I can´t find a Media player in the menu. My Action Replay doesn't have the media player, I just bought it You have a FAT PS2 and so without the media player in Ar Max, you only have this option. . with a backup is to have a copy of the armax evo for Swap Magic. A revolutionary new feature is the MAX Media Player. Now for the .. 7) After Action Replay MAX has loaded, insert the EVO Drive into your PS2. 8) Use MAX .

PS2 softmod with AR without max media player .. You can't mod the PS2 Slim with just a regular AR Max (non EVO/MMP), because there is. ARMAX EVO Disc; 16MB MAX Drive (USB Stick); User Manual. WHAT'S IN Multimedia playback is good as long as the Media Player can find your media files. Installing Free McBoot with a Retail AR Max EVO Written by JNABK Source: After a few splash screens, the Media Player intro will start, you can.

Although I have no idea how the media player on this AR works. emulation side of things with the AR Max Evo but have tried the Divx player. Installing Free Mcboot v on the PS2 (slim and fat) with Action Replay Max Evo without Max Media Player. Credit where credit is due.