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Morghs editor

Welcome to the official home of Morgh’s Mount & Blade WB/WFAS Editor! This editor has a graphical user interface (GUI) for editing parts of the text-compiled game modules and also Taleworls Module System (Python script). This tool works with Mount & Blade WB/WFAS v up to v1. Mount & Blade: Warband. This is a guide on how to do some simply modding using Morghs Editor. You can change thier proficiences, skills, faction, stats, troop tree and equipment. Whatever happened to my forum account:evil: I think I was trying to change my eMail Adress some months ago My homepage for the editor.

Morgh's Mount & Blade WB/WFAS Editor Supports: Mount & Blade: Warband v1. up to v / Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword v up. Hello! I'm looking for Morgh's Mount and Blade Editor, as I'm using Silverstag and TweakMB doesn't work with it. However, the link I keep. I used the troop editor and it worked fine, but on a new game. maybe you . Luka , can you add items or change troops stats with Morghs?.

I wrote an Unofficial Troop Editor for Mount & Blade which allows Morgh's Text Editor - Morgh is working on a text editor that is similar or most. Morgh's Editor (created by Morgh, who would've guessed it?) is a program that allows you to easily see and modify the statistics for troops, items, factions. Morgh's Mount & Blade Warband Mod Tools Current version is v This tool supports powerful editing of TXT compiled files AND ALSO the Python module.