Intel virtualization technology detection tool download

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Intel virtualization technology detection tool

Download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility. The utility: Identifies current Intel® Processors and technologies; Enables you to run and save a processor ID . To find out if your Intel® processor supports Intel® Virtualization Technology, use one of the Check the Intel® Virtualization Technology tagged with Yes or No. This download installs version of the Intel® Processor Identification Utility for Windows*.

Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool resources, download links, and documentation. Checks for brand identification; Verifies the operating frequency; Tests. Intel Processor Identification Utility is an application developed for Intel processor owners. With this tool you can obtain detailed information about the component uses 'Virtualization' and 'Hyper-Threading' technologies. You need to check for Intel VT-x if you are using Intel based CPU and AMD-V if you Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool (Works for Windows 7 and .

There are many tools that enable you to check if your CPU or processor Intel and AMD are two of the most prominent PC processor providers in the world. To check if your PC supports virtualization, click the “CPU Technologies” tab. The Hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV) detection tool checks if the computer processor supports HAV and if this setting is enabled. Run Microsoft® Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool from If you are PC has Intel processor, you can check the Processor's capabilities from here. AMD calls their virtualization technology AMD-V, while Intel calls it Intel tool to detect if hardware assisted virtualization is enabled or not.